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  1. nissan bluebird added a post in a topic FS Ca18det (tomei cams, cam gears)   

    Tomei cam gears still for sale? 
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  2. Jimmy Truong added a topic in Parts For Sale/Wanted   

    Wtb: s13 sr20det p/s pump
    As the title states. Must be in working order.
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  3. locknar added a topic in Parts For Sale/Wanted   

    1jz r154, 1 piece drive shaft, lsd diff
    makes 350 to the wheels
    can be seen driving before I pull it
    2nd gear is a little sticky but including rebuild kit

    will take $4500 for everything -standalone&harness 

    Tuned at the indy speed shop, 

    ID1000 1000 cc injectors
    6boost t3 turbo manifold
    DM fuel rail
    cp pistons
    lightened pulleys
    driveshaft shop 1 piece steel driver shaft
    spec stage 4 sprung clutch
    vipec v88 standalone ecu
    new hx35 turbo
    synapse 50mm wastegate
     toyota lsd- new reshimmed with heavy springs put in.
    lightened 14lb steel flywheel
    new TOB
    new spec stage 4 clutch
    new slave cylinder
     lc-2 wideband
    will include clutch master and braided line, 

    will take $4500 for everything -standalone&harness 

    $6000 for everything, can even include pedal setup 
    pm if interested
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  4. Oleg Chastani added a post in a topic WTB or WTT: S14 Front Knuckles   

    ok would you sell them if so text me at 778 885 4221
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  5. Ahraz Salmany added a post in a topic FS 18' 4x120 BMW 5 SPOKE RIMS   

    no trolling
    no one really uses this site any more.. kinda sad
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  6. Ginny Mc added a topic in Wheels & Tires   

    FS 18' 4x120 BMW 5 SPOKE RIMS
    Guys I remembered my username and password after years of missing out on all the trolling BCRWD has to offer.
    Only 3 of the rims are still good, one of them is curbed to ****ing shit and won't hold air. The others are only a little scuffed up...
    I can't seem to upload a photo for whatever reason.. So I guess I'll pull a Grant Smith "txt for pics" (778)867-9779.
    $200 OBO
    Let the trolling begin.
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  7. JordanMarcelle added a post in a topic WTB or WTT: S14 Front Knuckles   

    I have oem knuckles
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  8. Tim Dorin added a topic in Nissan   

    WTB R33 RB25 Wiring Harness
    Need ASAP
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  9. buyfifacoinscom added a topic in Introductions   

    Early Access
    buy fifa ultimate team coins  • Try new EA games days before official release with EA Access Play First Trials – no purchase necessary.
    • Love what you played? Buy the full game and your progress carries over.
    • Want to know what the hype is about? Jump into a Play First Trial even after release day.
    What is included?
    Subscribers can download FIFA 18 full game before the date release. But there is more. EA Access holders also get early access to other EA Sports titles.
    What are the early access features?
    Through FIFA 18 early access, subscribers may play the full game before the game hits the stores, including on line play and FIFA Ultimate Team features. However, there is a 10 hours total limit of game play. It is possible to play, trade, sell, buy cards and FIFA Points, which can be a huge advantage over the other players without early access. Saved games and achievements/trophies subscribers earn during Early Access, while connected to EA Servers, will unlock once they purchase and log into the EA Servers with the final version of the game.
    Which ones are the early access dates?
    FIFA 18 EA Access early access starts at September 21, which is eight days before the official FIFA 18 release date.
    How to get the early access?
    After buying the EA Access, subscribers just need to download the game through the service’s dashboard.
    Should you subscribe the EA Access program? EA Access is a subscription paid program exclusively for XBox One owners. With it, gamers can get exclusive offers for Electronic Arts video games. The EA Access, released on August 2014, offers to subscribers three main advantages: Early Access to the full gameSubscribers can download FIFA 18 earlier and play it up to 10 hours. It is possible to carry forward the progress and achievements. Free Access to GamesEA Access holders have free access, any time and as long they keep being subscribers of the service, to a selection of games ‘The Vault’. At this moment, it includes FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16 and FIFA 17. 10% discount on EA digital purchasesEA Access subscribers pay 10% less to buy FUT 18 packs and also get a 10% discount in the full FIFA 18 game, as well in any other EA digital content. If you own FIFA 17 on Xbox One and if you are an EA Access Membership, you can join both discounts to pay 20% less on the Icon edition. buy cheap fifa coins 
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  10. Harp Green added a post in a topic Wtb s14 front hub 5lug   

    bump need asap
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  11. Russell J added a post in a topic WTB: S14 passenger seat   

    I have a full set of seats for sale, driver passenger and back seat. They are light grey leather.
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  12. Yolandi Blignaut added a topic in Nissan   

    WTB: S14 passenger seat
    Hey all,
    Looking for a stock S14 passenger seat in good condition. Cloth or leather, gray or black. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
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  13. Ian Orpilla added a topic in Parts For Sale/Wanted   

    WTB : S14 sr20det valve cover
    Let me know if you have one.
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  14. Oleg Chastani added a topic in Parts For Sale/Wanted   

    FS: NRG Deep Dish Black Wheel and V2 HUB
    Selling an black on black deep dish NRG steering wheel and NRG V2 Quick Release Hub Silver with Black Chrome sleeve asking $250.
    Pm for details
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  15. Aidan Scremin added a topic in Nissan   

    Wtb: S13 Hatch
    Looking for a replacement hatch as mine has the usual rust holes in it.
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  16. Dank added a topic in Other For Sale/Wanted   

    WTB R33 or s14 rear coilovers / RB stuff
    WTB coilovers / RB trans 
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  17. csgojackpotsite added a topic in Articles, Guides, How-Tos   

    Trouble in Terrorist Town
    cs go referral code sites CSGO is a place that you need to work with your teammates to beat your opponent with strategies to manage resources and control the map successfully. Normally in CSGO, there will be 5 opponents and 4 teammates with you. So you don’t need to find out which of your teammates are one of a mass of thirty-odd players.
    Let’s come to Trouble in Terrorist Town. This is a mode that you will task with either betraying the guys that trusted you or rooting out the traitors that hide in your team. To play this game, you need to be patient, disciplined and have a sense of paranoia if you want to win the matches.
    There are 3 classes, which are traitors, Innocents and detectives, in terrorist town. In every round, the system will choose a class for you randomly, so you don’t have choices to play in traitors every time. The objectives and duties of every class are listed as follows.
    Traitors - The players that are able to kill all at once are not regarded as traitors. To every class, they look like innocents and they can see their teammates. With special equipment, they can achieve success more easily. However, much success of the traitors is dependent to mislead other players. This is why they look like innocents. 
    Innocents - Most players occupy this role in a round. Nothing is special for innocents. Their goal is only to survive from the traitors if they want to win. But they don’t know who are innocents and who are traitors.
    Detectives - They belong to the same team with innocents, aiming to root out traitors with a DNA scanner, which can be used to identity traitors. The amount of detectives is not determined and depends on the number of players online on the sever. Usually there are about 2 - 3 detectives.
    The rules for every server are different, but they still have commonalities. If you are not a traitor, you can’t shoot at players randomly. You need to tell your teammates if you know some of the players have suspicious behavior, such as pointing a gun at the heads of other players or avoiding detectives when you follow them.
    Generally, remember not to be a dick, then you will be fine. cs go referral site 
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  18. Oleg Chastani added a topic in Parts For Sale/Wanted   

    WTB or WTT: S14 Front Knuckles
    Looking to buy OEM S14 Front Knuckles or trade for Godspeed Hi steer (drift) knuckles BNIB never used red in color, let me know what you got got or if you wanna go hi steer and trade me your stock ones
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  19. Harp Green added a topic in Nissan   

    Wtb s14 front hub 5lug
    As title states looking for a 5 lug s14 front hub in good condition let me know what you got.
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  20. csgojackpotsite added a topic in Articles, Guides, How-Tos   

    The Best Map of Modder Bring Unreal Tournament in CS:GO

    cs go gambling sites  Let’s go back to 1999. This is a year that cars were as big as jeans, and phones got bigger, and men that were larger than cars or phones or jeans were prancing in the outer space.
    As one of the best maps in Unreal Tournament, Facing Worlds is one of the best multiplayer maps arguably ever. Between two towers, there are a pitched battle, and the map was terrifying and open. It meant you were exposed to round troops and enemy snipers when mounting an assault. This is a feeling that is heightened by the fact that you wouldn’t be surrounded by walls or a sky above you. You just had vacuum of licking and looming its bulbous lips and space. In such situation, you were totally naked and would be afraid that the show Afraid and Naked needed to pay royalties to Epic Games.
    There is one unnamed modder, who ported the Unreal Tournament 1999 map into CS:GO recently. And there is another one, who passes the handle Jeisen cleaned it up, which was “horrible” previously and it is put on the Steam Workshop.
    You will feel bizarre when seeing a modern-weapon-wielding Counter-Strike man, who is running round a location that is such fantastic, but this is a part of the appeal. Some players doubt that the map is made for make CS:GO matches better, but this would be a million bucks if Value was an actual currency.  cs go rank 
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  21. Ryan added a post in a topic vehicle inspection   

    would add pics but there are stupid file size limitations so text m,e i will send some your way will trailer the car basically anywhere in bc to get it done too \ thanks
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  22. Ryan added a topic in General Discussion   

    vehicle inspection
    so yeah got a vehicle inspection on my 240 was wondering if anyone knew anybody that can pass it its super clean all the lights work and can be raised up for inspection (adjustable coil overs)  
    please guys i would really appreciate it will pay $$$$$
    text or call 6049680644 
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  23. buyfifacoinscom added a topic in Introductions   

    More FIFA 18 Functions
     fast fifa coins  Dramatic MomentsRating amazing objectives as fresh motion and animations in FIFA 18 uncover more liquid planning and impressive of the ball. All New crossing handles bring higher choices to the way it is sent by you in to the container. Pinged, and whipped arching deliveries, towards the place crosses towards the back- your assaults may shake-up within the remaining next. Group DesignsAbout the message in FIFA 18, fresh Group Designs place one of the most accepted techniques of the groups from Tiki Taka to large push. Appreciate room and additional time while enhanced techniques provide people higher choices about the basketball as teammates create fresh targeting and manipulate room to see the play-through Fresh Person Placement runs. Immersive EnvironmentCinematic environment grading, genuine sunlight jobs, trademark message-aspect accessories, on- pitch arena, membership and dirt particular ads, flexible discourse, and modifications in pitch quality all get together to create one of the immersive soccer encounters alive in FIFA 18. Notice traditional chants while you strike, supply off the power of fresh, high def crowds that are powerful and connect to your followers while honoring.  safe fifa coins  
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  24. Russell J added a topic in Nissan   

    FS: Tan S14 Front and rear seats
    Hi Guys,
    Selling my Tan/White S14 seats, Driver, Passenger and rear. the rear and passenger are mint, the driver shows usual wear but is also in good shape, no rips tears etc just creasing. I swapped my seats out for some black Recaros so i went and got a black rear to match. 
    At this time i have no idea what they should be worth so i'm accepting all offers. Also open to trades for stuff that takes up less room. Will try to throw up a reasonable price this week.
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  25. buyfifacoinscom added a topic in Introductions   

    fifa 17 coins  Here’s this period and another FIFA-17 guide we focus on really a underused ability transfer that will be the stepovers. We’ll coverall versions of the ability that will be displayed within the full-hd movie information below. View it today because it describes everything to just how to utilize it in fits you need to understand in the handles.
    If done within the correct method while you can easily see it’s an incredibly overpowered ability transfer. Certainly a quantity are of benefits that are incredible when utilizing the one and also this is a-2 is it’sed by the fact that -celebrity ability meaning any participant about the message may do it.
    Another may be the proven fact that you are able to leave in virtually any path including diagonally. This really is a complete sport- the straight types and also changer would be the best at getting incoming midfielders out. The ultimate and 3rd benefit it provides you is based on just how much you wiggler the best- stick, can lead to many stepovers you execute.
    This means if required or thirty in AROW it’s complete ball-control having a talent transfer that you are able to simply do one. This for me is what divides the sleep about the whole game and it.  fifa coins 
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